We get very excited when we are able to release a new plugin or theme – and this time, amidst all the excitement, I forgot to write a post about it!

So please give a big ‘Plugin Hero’ welcome to: LinkSummary[1].

While one of our team, Chris, was working on a couple of WordPress themes recently, he concluded that it would be great if he could easily include a list of all the links in a post at the end – “a bit like a Wiki does”.

So that’s what we’ve done. LinkSummary collates all of the links in your posts (or pages) and includes them at the end. It’s actually enabled for this post, so you can see it in action.

A variety of options are available allowing you to customise it’s behaviour – including a shortcode allowing you to place the Summary Section wherever you like, and it’s template driven, meaning you can change the layout of the Summary to suit your site perfectly.

We feel the best plugins are the ones we’ve found a real need for – ones we’ve written because we couldn’t find them anywhere else, and we hope you agree.

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