A little more about PluginHero

Here at PluginHero, we are a collective of Designers and Developers working together to produce the best Plugins and Themes that we can. Platforms such as WordPress (and now Ghost) have a lot to offer to users, but nine times out of ten they require some sort of customisation.

Our Products are primarily for sale via the Envato Marketplaces, such as CodeCanyon[1] and ThemeForest[2] – they’re solid, well known sites which allow us to make items available while we concentrate on the most important thing – building new Plugins.

And we’d like to share the experience with you

And via our blog here on PluginHero.com, we’ll be posting when we release new items, see something interesting – or learn something which we think you’d like to know. That might mean anything from tips and tricks when creating your own plugins, to a link to the latest and greatest plugins available.

A peek into the mind of CodeCanyon & ThemeForest users

Envato recently posted some slides[3] from a talk given at PressNomics (a huge event for WordPress pros), which include some very interesting stats.

For instance, in their market research, they found that 30% of people who set out using WordPress do so because of a recommendation from a friend, while 32% of their users cited ‘Responsive Design’ as the most requested feature from their clients in the last year.

You can read the full post and check out all the slides here.[4]