You could be forgiven for wondering what on earth has happened to us recently – we admit we’ve been very quiet – but we’re not dead and we definitely haven’t been sleeping (much).

In addition to the usual distractions, holidays and such, we’ve been hard at work on a plugin which is.. well.. more substantial than usual (bigger and better, in other words), and so we haven’t released any new items for a while and nor have we been blogging about them.

We are also hard at work on updates to almost all of our existing plugins – hence the title of this post – we don’t just make new plugins and put them up for sale, we support and maintain our existing ones too. Although we don’t often add ‘major’ new features (if we have an idea for a big change to something existing, it’s typically big enough to warrant a new plugin altogether), we do often make tweaks and improvements based on feedback from our customers.

So over the coming weeks, keep your eyes out for those ‘update’ emails letting you know that new versions of the plugins you’ve purchased are ready for you to download. There are a few coming, with a mixture of fixes and added functionality which has been requested.

Oh, and in a little while, we should have something very exciting to announce..!