You read right – over the last few weeks, we’ve released updates to four of our plugins. You can learn more on the individual pages for each plugin, or review the changes we’ve made below.


* Added Changelog
* Fix bug in configuration screen which could cause checkboxes to show as ‘off’ even if they were ‘on’
* Added global setting to enable/disable partial matches (e.g. ‘ea’ in ‘hear’)
* Added phrase-level setting to enable/disable partial matches (overrides global above)
* Investigated issue where saving with no ‘sequence’ caused backslashes to appear in phrases – could not reproduce
* Added “First Match” functionality
* Fixed a bug when saving checkbox options (they were saving OK, but not always displaying correctly)


* Added ‘Disable BugMeBar?’ to options, to allow the bar to NOT show while the plugin is still activated
* Added ‘Homepage Only?’ to options, to allow the bar to only be shown on the homepage (is_home()==TRUE)
* Added ‘Excluded Categories’ and ‘Excluded Posts’ allowing user to specify a comma separated list of Ids which should not show BugMeBar
* Tested plugin on WordPress v4
* Added a minimum width option, which allows you to hide BMB under a certain width (set to 0 to disable). This is an imperfect solution as some devices (e.g. retina) report double-width and we are considering if there is a better way to handle responsive visibility


* When the ‘Menu Open’ setting is changed from it’s default of this now shows by default, before the menu is opened/closed.
* Fix clash with some plugins when activating (renamed activation function)
* Updated to the latest version of MeanMenu (1.0.8) JS (and removed MeanHoverColour option as this was never used)
* Tested with AG Custom Admin to rule out possible conflict
* Added (WP) Colour Picker for choosing Reveal Colour
* Added ‘Display Mode’ option


* Added changelog.txt
* Added (configurable) behaviour to auto block connections with potentially fraudulent PHP Session IDs
* Added (configurable) behaviour to temporarily whitelist users who have passed a CAPTCHA (for the block duration)

All of the updates above have been released to (and approved by) CodeCanyon and are now available for download.

Updates for some of our other plugins (including CookieCuttr) are coming soon – just watch this space for updates!