LinkSummary – Add References to your Pages/Posts

LinkSummary is a WordPress plugin which allows you to add References to your Pages and Posts.

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Classy Links

ClassyLinks – Add Class to your links!

ClassyLinks is a simple WordPress plugin to allow you to enter a CSS class for links when editing content.

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CookieCuttr – EU Cookie Law Compliance

The CookieCuttr plugin wraps up the popular CookieCuttr jQuery script which is designed to provide an attractive solution to complying with EU Cookie Laws.

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MeanMenu – Responsive Mobile Menu

MeanMenu is a responsive menu plugin for WordPress which will help you automatically make your menu mobile friendly.

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InlineHelp – Helpful, Contextual Tooltips

InlineHelp is a plugin which allows you to add tooltips to specific words or phrases in your Posts and Pages.

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LinkChanger – Take Control of your URLs

LinkChanger is a plugin which helps you get more control over the Permalinks WordPress generates.

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BugMeBar is a simple little notification plugin. You can see it in action at the top of the page :)

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BotPlug – Brute Force & Spam Protection

BotPlug is designed to help you secure and protect your WordPress website from malicious bots & crawlers and brute-force attacks which rely on making repeated requests.

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