InlineHelp is a plugin which allows you to add tooltips to specific words or phrases in your Posts and Pages.

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What does InlineHelp do?

InlineHelp allows you to define phrases, with associated text, which are used to add tooltips to your Posts and Pages.

This means that if you want to offer readers extra information on a specific word or phrase, you can set it up with it’s explanation or definition and all they have to do is hover their mouse over the word and it’ll pop up.

InlineHelp supports case sensitivity (so you could match “This” but not “this”) and also lets you choose if a phrase should match all posts and pages or only a specific selection.

No more confusing acronyms or technical terms – just add explanations using InlineHelp, without worrying about cluttering the page!

But why did we build this?

Sometimes you want to go into more detail on a particular word or phrase (acronyms are a great example), but you don’t want to clutter the page – and adding an entire glossary can be overkill. InlineHelp lets you do this neatly and inline, with minimal fuss!

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