• LinkSummary

LinkSummary is a WordPress plugin which allows you to add References to your Pages and Posts.

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What does LinkSummary do?

LinkSummary scans a Page or Post for links and generates a ‘References’ section at the end of the post (like you may have seen on sites like WikiPedia). It’s easy to configure and features include:

LinkSummary is designed to provide you with a powerful and flexible way to include blocks of ‘Reference Links’ in your Pages and Posts.

  • Include all Posts, or include individual Posts
  • Include all Pages, or include individual Pages
  • Include all Categories, or include specific Categories (Posts only)
  • Optionally Add a super-script number to links
  • Optionally replace links with a super-script number
  • Skip numbering based on a CSS class (e.g. for compatibility with Twitter widgets)
  • (Optionally) Automatically convert URLs in your content into hyperlinks
  • Shortcode included to place References Summary anywhere you like
  • Summary section is template-based and can be overriden in your theme(s)

But why did we build this?

One of our team members was working on a theme and wanted an easy way to add Reference lists – like you see in Wikis – to the bottom of some of the pages. And so, LinkSummary was born!

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